Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why Using Blogs Is A Great Alternative To A Static Website

If you're interested in earning some other money online using your ain websites, then a great option available to you is to utilize blogs.

There are respective grounds why you should utilize a blog, one of the chief grounds being that they be given to be favored in hunt engines compared to regular unchanging websites.

This is probably because blogs are traditionally very content-heavy – which is something hunt engines love.

Many blogging chopine also have got built-in pinging facilities, which allow the hunt engines cognize when your page have been updated. This tin better your rankings in the hunt engines.

Another good ground to utilize blogs, is that they are great as a Content Management System (or centimeters for short). This agency you simply compose your content and station it to your blog, and all the difficult work is done for you. No longer make you necessitate a cognition of hypertext markup language to construct a website.

There's also one thousands of great templets available for blogs, which intends you can have got a batch of pick over how your blog looks – without needing advanced accomplishments such as as hypertext markup language scheduling or graphical design.

If you're starting out on a low budget, then you can utilize free blogging websites to host your content. One of the most popular free blogging services is blogger.com

But if you have got the money to pass on hosting and sphere registration, then a good blogging platform to utilize is Wordpress. This blogging platform also have many utile plug-ins which can add functionality to your blog.

In conclusion, using a blog as your website greatly cut downs the technical cognition needed to keep a website, which do blogs great for novice webmasters.

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