Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Popular Kama Sutra Positions For You and Your Lover

The Kama Sutra manual dwells of many sexual places and techniques that are indispensable for good love devising experiences with your lover. Among all the sexual places shared in the Kama Sutra manual, there are a few popular places that are commonly used by couples.

Popular Position #1: The Lotus. The adult male will sit down down with his legs crossed and the adult female will sit on him with her legs wrapped around his waist. The adult male can command the thrusting motion by using his custody to travel her hips. This place is also ideal for the adult male to caress her breasts and cheek with his hands.

Popular Position #2: The Clip. The adult male will lie on the bed with his legs outstretched. The adult female will then climb ups on top of him and let him to perforate her. In this position, the adult female should tilt back so that the adult male is able to play with her button while she commands the movement.

Popular Position #3: Doggy. This is a very stimulating place for both partners. The adult female will travel down on her fours, using her forearms to back up herself. The adult male will then perforate her from the dorsum and topographic point his custody on her waistline to command the movement. This classic place will give both spouses great trade of pleasure, as the deep incursion not only stimulates the vaginal wall, but also the g-spot.

Popular Position #4: The Scandinavian. The adult male will lie down on his dorsum and the adult female will kneelings astride her partner, with her dorsum facing him. The adult male throws her waistline and thrusts, while she skids up and down on top of him. This place is ideal for the adult female to utilize her custody to play with her partner's scrotum, while the adult male is free to caress her buttock.

There are other more than sexual places available in the Kama Sutra manual, with elaborate verbal description for each of them. Bash read it up so that you are better equipped with more than places to fulfill your spouse during love making.


Mohammed said...

thank you

Broken Heart said...

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Mohammed said...

شكرا علي المجهود الرائع

Mohammed said...

شكرا علي المجهود الرائع

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