Saturday, May 12, 2007

Blogging Traffic Secrets

Creating blogging traffic using web 2 marketing tactics you
could easily create serious traffic within thirty days.
This could be anything from a few hundred visitors to a few
thousand visitors. Blogging traffic can be used to market
your affiliate programs, generate opt in subscribers and
also drive traffic to your Google Adsense adverts. If you
update your blog content consistently you will generate
repeat visitors. I am going to show you a few ways that you
can generate serious blogging traffic using web 2 marketing

There are mainly two types of social bookmarking sites. The
first is a social bookmarking site and the second is a
story site. The first kind of site is a site where you can
bookmark your favourite links according to tags in a
central place where other people also have access to your
bookmarks. If they like it they will copy it. It is
important that you bookmark sites that you really like to
build up trust. If you just bookmark sites to spam very few
people will actually copy your links. The second type of
social bookmarking site is where people vote on a story.
The more votes you get the more popular your story becomes
and the more read it will become. The key to getting a
story actually read is to have a controversial headline
that attracts attention.

The best way to bookmark your sites is to install a toolbar
from a site like Onlywire which allows you to bookmark
several sites at once saving you a lot of time. Also with
story sites like Digg it helps if you have a button on the
web site which allows the visitor to automatically add the
story to Digg and vote on it. If you have a Wordpress blog
you can add a plug in which will do this automatically for
you. If you do this right you can easily attract a few
hundred to a few thousand visitors in a matter of days.

If you apply this subset of web 2 marketing techniques you
will drive blogging traffic to your web site within a few
days. Blogging traffic has never been easier and with the
power linking techniques you will dominate the search
engines. The only thing you need to make sure of is that
you include your keywords in the title and the body.

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