Saturday, May 26, 2007

Marketing Blog - Part 2

Being in a very competitive market online, when you have finish selecting the products you wish to market, it is also very important to plan and visualize what are your objectives.

Step 3 - Planning

Most Internet Marketers will fail to this before they off their journey to promote their products. There are many forms and ways to market an online product. But like any business, it is very important you plan your layout of your business because you even start any promotion or thinking of using which form of tools to promote your products.

Always plan a head of things and plan it on a daily routine to do a set of task to build momentum for your online business. Here is a example how I plan my business, I wanted to create a community online to share my expertise on Web Design and Graphics to a audience of people online.

However, sharing knowledge on that is pretty common, so I planned to have a unique selling point compared to the rest of my competitors. I shared valuable information on not only on how to design website, but how you can generate massive amount of traffic for your online business.

To know what's your unique selling point, you first have to ask yourself what is it that you can provide that your current competitors do not do, which can give more value to your customers.

Always have that in your mind during your planning and plan out a action plan task you need to do to accomplish what you want to achieve.

Step 4 - Implementation and Setup

This process is normally the part where most people will feel frustrated about. From my experience, normal people who are used to a 9 to 5 desk job will normally only know how to do two things in their job. Check emails and reply emails.

Most will always get stuck in the process of developing your website for your business. But like any businessman, you do not want to focus on the problems but rather find solutions to the problems.

Most people who want to go into Internet business will think they do not require to learn any HTML language at all. The truth fact is, you don't need to know everything but you must at least know the basics of HTML to create websites.

It's cheap and easy to outsource to others to develop your projects and sites but what if you do not have basic knowledge on HTML how are you able to add links on your site to promote your products?

Looking at the current trend, it looks like blogging is here to stay and it is growing by the numbers everyday. And that actually says something about blog itself, I highly recommend if you want to start a site to sell your products, blogging would be the best medium to start off with.

You barely need to know much HTML, but just basic will do to operate a blog. It is recommended if time allows to post a article on your blog on a daily basics but if you don't have the time, you can at least blog once every 3 days.

The hint to this reason, search engines like daily updated sites. The more you update your site, the more times search engine spiders will actually crawl into your website for updates. This in return tells search engine, my site is a daily updated site please come and visit me more often.

In blogging, there are generally two popular types of blogging platform that most people use for. The Blogger and Wordpress blogs.

Blogger is a great tool created by Google, but there are lots limitations in Blogger that most people fail to see. If you are just a casual writer who just like to post stuff not for business blogger is sufficient.

If you are looking for a business solution to sell stuff online, a Wordpress installed on your web host is highly recommended. Do not be mixed up with the free wordpress online and the server Wordpress. These two services are totally different, only use the server based Wordpress where you will need a web host to host your blog.

I will talk more into the next part more on customization of Wordpress blogs and how you can use blogs as a tool to drive your business faster and more effectively with Online Marketing Blogs.